Boiling Point!




In Boiling Point!, find yourself trapped as a crustacean in a pot trying to escape! Climb to the top and defeat the chefs or sneakily plan your getaway. Embrace the crab mentality and betray your friends, or work together to show these chefs who’s boss. Whatever you choose, do it before the water gets too hot! Ouch!

What's in the box pot ??

Gameplay Mechanics

'Boiling Point!' is a light/medium themed strategy game for 2-6 players. The game is played over the course of several rounds where players take turns taking actions like training to gain power, resting to cool down, plotting their escape, playing wild cards, summoning legendary crustaceans and putting the beatdown on the chef. The game uses a series of mechanics including hand management, resource management, push your luck, dice rolling, take that and more including a unique themed mechanic - heat transfer.

Player Interaction

Overall, the game is high in player interaction, mimicking the famous ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality. Much of the movement in the game is designed around this, taking advantage of other player positions to move around the board. The game gives you the choice of leaning into it or playing more passively for a come-from-behind win. Players will engage in water cooler chat hot pot politics as they make their decisions!

Fight your way to the top!

Take actions to acquire power and play cards to fend off other players on your way to the top of the pot.


There's a new challenger! Chefs have been hired to stop players from escaping!

During the game players will fight (together??) against a team of hired chefs. When a chef is attacked they cry allowing players to collect their tears to score Escape Points. Once a chef has run out of tears they give up in frustration and abandon their post!

Multiple Paths to Victory

Defeat the Chefs

Have the most escape points when the chefs are defeated!


Plot Your Escape

Achieve enough escape points and be the first to escape!

Heat Management

At the heart of Boiling Point! is a robust heat mechanic that simulates real heat transfer. As turns pass, temperature increases in the pot, forming steam bubbles. These bubbles rise with each turn, bringing heat to whoever comes in contact. As things get hotter, more and more bubbles start forming all over the board increasing the amount of heat in the pot!

Players can stay cool by transferring heat to others. Heat is transferred from player to player as they interact, going from hottest to coolest. Mastering heat management is key in claiming victory!

To learn more about the game, check out our rule book!


Richard Day

Elaine Viceda

Zachary Leo

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