Boiling Point! in the year 2020

In the first email newsletter in 2020, it was clear that we had a lot of hopes for the year. We had planned to possibly release the game in the spring. We thought the game was in a good place, design-wise. We thought we’d have a lot of in-person play tests and events. And we thought we were picking up and riding tons of momentum from Pax Unplugged and MagFest.

And then the pandemic came. And we, as many others, are still reeling from it. It makes looking back at what we promised a little painful. But, through it all, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge all the steps we were able to take despite how crazy the year was:

  • Took part in a virtual Protospiel.
  • Took part in GenCon 2020.
  • Built a new website.
  • Completely re-worked the game (THREE TIMES), simplifying and building out new, more dynamic mechanics that enhanced/ replaced the old ones.
  • Grew our Instagram following by 200 people.
  • Finished loads of new art.
  • Conducted tons of playtesting online through TableTop Simulator and TableTopia.
  • Became a part of several online game design communities.
  • Took part in the XXXX mentorship program.
  • Designed and incorporated new iconography for the game.
  • Put together our first rulebook draft… followed by 59,043,082,209,381 more drafts.
  • Made our first BP explainer video (check it out here!).
  • Entered our game into Ion Awards for SaltCon. 

And much, much more!