Exciting Announcements, Team Updates, Designer Ramblings and More.

What to expect from our blogs.

We have a lot planned here, at Boiling Point headquarters, located warmly at bubbling pot drive. The main goal is to put a lot of gas in our content engine. We want to keep our community updated with what’s next for Boiling Point, what the team is up to, our design process, challenges, general board game thoughts, memes and more. You can find more details about each below.

Boiling Point Updates

We will use these posts to give regular updates about the game’s progress, highlighting new changes and outlining what we’re working on.

Announcements / Special Events

These are updates that are a little more important than usual and often have information that can be acted on. This can include key information about the Kickstarter, special events or contests we’re hosting, playtest events, live streams, and more.

Developer Diary

A series of posts relating to game development broken into sub-series that will discuss things like: the evolution of components from how they started; where these components are now; current and past design challenges and decisions; alternate design decision; abandoned mechanics; playtest reports; rulebook edits; and more. The purpose is to give some insight into the game’s development process.

Team Blog

Posts that can cover a number of topics from any of the Boiling Point team members, that don’t have to be related to Boiling Point


This should be self-explanatory, for what good is a blog without quality memes? Ideally if they are crustacean related! This will include the occasional meme / caption contest announcements!

These new blogs are coming to you soon, so get excited! 

Anoba Studios Team (Richard, Elaine, and Zack)



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